Just Five More Minutes

I bet lots of us spontaneously make up songs for storybooks. Here is one that was hugely popular.

Here is a brilliant story book by Sally Flint (see her awesome blog here) and illustrated by NokIsMe. It’s about that daily problem of children not wanting to change activity or stop their activity. They ask for just 5 more minutes each time.

Lucy is on her school holidays and every day has a different activity. Each time she is asked to go she doesn’t want to and her parents give her 5 more minutes (smart parents!)

However when Sunday rolls around and Lucy is up bright and early to make pancakes, guess who is asking for five more minutes to stay in bed!

With the permission of the author, Sally Flint, I wrote a little song to go with this book. The children learn the song and then sing it (in a pleading voice) every time Lucy asks for five more minutes. It’s hilarious! Especially when the parents are pleading for five more minutes in bed at the end.

I teach the song to the children pretty quickly and early on, with lots of action and emotion. The children then sing the song for Lucy on each day.

Here is a copy of the song – definitely ham it up when you sing it!

Order the book directly from Sally here (5.99GBP).

What songs have you made up to go with books?

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