School Holidays – 7 Ways I Relax in the Summer

It is not so many years ago that I would spend about a week after the end of term actually in school every day, tidying things up, getting things ready for the following year and generally doing lots of things I didn’t have time for in term time. My mind was not ready to rest and I would wind down much more gradually.

My priorities and, perhaps my time management, have changed since then and I now try to leave on the last day of term with everyone else. This year I spent a week in Thailand and I am now visiting family in the UK. This is how I have been relaxing so far this holiday:

One Week to Thoroughly Chill

One week of relaxing and catching up on personal jobs. These include car insurance, car servicing, road tax, TV bingeing, hair cut, cupboard clear out, domestic chores, buying and assembling a new desk etc. This week would not look quite the same if I had young children living with me. They have grown up now so best enjoy the advantages!

My new desk all assembled


Keeping up my exercise routine by swimming every day. When I was still in Thailand, I would even build in extra relaxing time by the pool afterwards. Although swimming can seem like a chore, I try to look on it as ‘me-time’ where I am free to contemplate my life, the world and anything else as I move through the water.

Swimming and relaxing
Swimming In UK


Scheduling time with family is important. I am staying on and off with my dad and his wife, Christine. I’ve just been away with son no. 2 and next week will go away with with son no. 1. As we live in different countries, these are explicitly planned to reconnect us and enjoy quality time.

Brunch at Nostell Priory
Prague Castle
Card games


As I work in an international school, friends scatter far and wide during the holidays. However, I’ve caught up with this special young lady a couple of times already and we have scheduled a mini-break in a couple of weeks. It’s important to make time for this deeper level of connection. Read Sal’s excellent blog here.

Yorkshire Sculpture Park

Reading for Fun

I’ve got a couple of books on my kindle ready to go. I really need to get started with this. I have listened to some Brene Brown recently and am looking forward to reading more of her books. But I also like a good crime detective story or drama….any recommendations?

Not looking too good for fun reading

Stimulating Professional Reading

I have been reading other books that I wish to explore and the first was Tom Sherrington’s ‘Rosenshine’s Principles in Action’. I will be posting about it shortly. It has given me loads to think about from a music pedagogy/practice point of view and this is taking more time than I anticipated.

Enjoying Lots of Music

I have listened to the choir at Tewkesbury Abbey; listened choral buskers and instrumental performances in public places; seen ‘Come from Away’ in London’s West End. In addition, I have a new favorite to listen to in the car: ‘Stars’ by Eriks Esenvalds accompanied by tuned wine glasses and monks bowls. Gorgeous!

It’s important to switch off during the long break and use your time exactly how you wish.

Let me know how you are relaxing or how you plan to relax this summer!

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